Board of Trustees

C. Bingham Blossom Trustee Emeritus

Assistant Chair of Investment Committee
Cleveland, OH

C. Perry Blossom Trustee

Chair of Investment Committee
Cleveland, OH

David B. Blossom Treasurer and Trustee

Cleveland, OH

Jonathan B. Blossom Vice President and Trustee

Los Angeles, CA

Laurel Blossom Trustee Emeritus

Los Angeles, CA

Robin Dunn Blossom President and Trustee

Chair of Outreach, Grants and Evaluation Committee
Cleveland, OH

Board - Right Column

Jaymi B. Feeney Trustee

Chair Social Media Relations Committee
Cleveland, OH

James B. Heffernan Trustee

Chair of Environmental Impact Committee
Durham, NC

Rebecca B. Kovacik Trustee

Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth B. Meers Trustee

Chair of Best Practices Committee
Washington, DC

Kevin S. B. Meers Trustee

Cambridge, MA