President’s Note

As a New Year opens before us, 2018, The William Bingham Foundation (WBF) continues to pursue its mission full steam ahead. I am proud to preside over this family foundation. Jeanine Gergel, our new Administrative Director of Foundation Management Services (FMS), encourages me by saying, “We are on schedule and it’s going well” for our next meeting. So what does that mean? Each Trustee contributes to effectiveness of this prodigious organization.

The chairs and members of the Investment, Social Media, Grant Evaluation, Best Practices, Environmental, Trustee Education and Outreach committees all devote significant time and expertise to maintain a functioning and thriving philanthropic institution. These committees drive the wheel of our progress. Our favorite Trustee Emeritus, C. Bingham Blossom, continues to provide expert advice and oversight for the financial wellbeing of WBF. His proficiency is remarkable and outstanding, complimenting the efforts of our Investment Committee Chair, C. Perry Blossom. Their work, in conjunction with our trusted secretary Dan Horn, safeguards the financial future of this establishment.

Our new grants administrator, FMS, has provided guidance that has already advanced us to a higher level of commitment to philanthropy. With FMS’ expert assistance, WBF is restructuring its grant application format and evaluation structure through Foundant, our online grants management system. WBF is utilizing an ad hoc committee of Trustees to execute goals set out during the previous Annual Meeting. From these changes we can already see a streamlining of our procedures in process. FMS is also working with Social Media Committee Chair, Jaymi B. Feeney, to bring our online presence up to date and to redesign the WBF website.

It is also important to note that nature has laid a heavy hand on our world this past year and continues to be a focus of our group conscience. Our Outreach Chair, David B. Blossom, will focus on efforts to improve the health of Lake Erie in the coming year. WBF also has an interest in supporting efforts to address recent catastrophes, such as the hurricanes of 2017.

It is extremely important to offer an immense thank you to Laurel Blossom, Vice President, who is retiring from the Board this year. And it is also exciting to welcome the most recent addition to our fifth generation, Rowan Heffernan, one-year-old son of Jim Heffernan and Amber Sniff. More immediate prospective future Trustees, Elisabeth N. Blossom and Kevin S. B. Meers, have been attending Annual meetings, giving them a chance to voice their thoughts, ask questions and learn about the functions of the foundation that they will one day govern.

Following the lead of our founder, Elizabeth Bingham Blossom, The William Bingham Foundation continues its commitment to support the communities we live in and the world around us, as our Mission Statement affirms. We Trustees volunteer our time to steer this organization toward our visions and goals, with guidance from that mission, to make a better world in the fields of education, health and human services, and environmental stewardship. We all have busy lives working for a living and raising our families. By the grace of God we were given this precious legacy from Elizabeth Bingham Blossom to carry on as one family foundation with the hope of saving the planet and improving the circumstances of people whose lives we touch.

Health and Happiness to all for 2018!

Robin Dunn Blossom

The William Bingham Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio

— January 2018